Signature Bmx is a Finnish shop founded in 2006 and specialized in bmx.

If something is not in stock, it can possibly be ordered. So it may be worth asking.

Yes, if it says so on the website. Although, of course, mistakes happen and sometimes (rarely) the balance is not up to date.

Stock products are generally mailed on the next business day or can be picked up at Signature Bmx’s pick-up point on the next business day. In some products, the delivery is a little longer, approx. 5-9 business days, but then the matter is mentioned on the product page.

Pick up point has no stock. Only ordered items will present after e-mail is sent that order is ready to be collected.



Pick-up point for orders:

Pyöräkioski / Signature Bmx
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01450 VANTAA

Opening times -> Contact.

(Approximate) recommendations for rider height picked up from manufacturers:

12″: 70cm-105cm
14″: 85cm-120cm
16″: 95cm-130cm
18″: 125cm-150cm
In children’s models, the smaller one is better for tricks and the bigger one for general riding.

20″: The minimum height of the driver is about 140 cm, so that the bike can be ridden in some way. Of course, you can be cuised around even if you are a little shorter, especially if the bike has a small frame and handlebars.

20″ is the so-called normal bmx for adults (or almost). Frame size depends on your own preference. Rider height is not directly proportional to the size of the frame etc. Even small differences in the dimensions and geometry of the frame, front fork and handlebars can affect the behavior of the bike a lot. However, a beginner will hardly notice nothing at all if the bike is somehow modern and of high quality.
Most common sizes: frame 20.5″-21″ (often 12.8″-13.5″ with rear fork), handlebar height 8.75″-9.5″.

22″, 24″, 26″, 29″: Some like it, some don’t. It is often very suitable for general cruising and for example pump track. For example, 22″ or 24″ is a good option even if you are used to mountain bikes and find a small bmx too snappy.

If you wish, you can pick up the bike from our store ready to ride. However, mention it in the comment field of the order. You will receive a notification by email or phone when the bike is available for pickup.

We deliver bmx bikes delivered by post partially assembled, in a box. The buyer is left with the front tire, handlebar, saddle, pedals and, depending on the model, brakes.
See assembly instructions: Video link
If there is uncertainty with the assembly, we recommend contacting a local bike repair shop.

We are not responsible for damage caused by installation errors.

Bmx bikes also need to be maintained, just like any other bicycle. After the first few rides, you usually have to tighten the spokes and check that no bolts have come loose. Although the bikes are made much more durable than a regular touring bike, they are also subject to more stress. For example, landing sideways can easily bend the rim.

You can also bring the bike to us for maintenance. Our pick-up point is located in a bike repair shop (

Warranties issued by manufacturers vary by brand and product. Without exception, all cover only manufacturing and material defects, and not damage caused by installation errors or negligence. For most brands, the warranty does not apply to plastic or rubber parts.

We handle warranty issues for all the products we sell, but the final decision is made by the manufacturer.

The products you ordered can be exchanged and returned for 14-days.

Products to be returned must be unused and in their original packaging. In the case of exchanges and returns, attach an explanation of the customer return with the shipment.

You can leave the package of returned products at the post office as a customer return without postage. Discounted products and special order wheels and rims do not have the right of return.

Posti’s customer return costs of €12 are deducted from the amount to be returned.

How to return:
-Pack the product
-Include a free statement of what is to be returned or exchanged, a receipt or order number and an IBAN account number for the refund.
-Take the package to the Post office.
-Ask for a return receipt/tracking code from the post office and KEEP IT! A lost package will not be replaced without that receipt.

Contact information for returns:
Posti contract code: 673694
Signature Bmx
Maakotkantie 12
01450 Vantaa